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About the Company

Clipco has been importing and selling quality consumables to the Automotive, Engineering, Marine trades, since 1991. Products include, Plastic Trim clips, Car Clips, aerosols, Seam sealer, PU sealer, spray sealer, Soudal, Norton abrasives, Saint Gobain abrasives, Flexovit, Abracs cutting discs, Cavity Wax , Fixing and Fastenings, Split rivets, Tri fold rivets, Black rivets, Dome rivets, Flange , plain Nuts, Bolts, Set screws, Anti vandal keys, Pump out keys, Handcuff keys, Spray Sheeting Double sided Tapes, Roberlo, lacquer, Fillers, Presta products, workshop supplies, Boat fixings etc. If you need a fixing, Phone on 01613272652.

‘Clipco’ is the trading name of Allied Trade Consumables ltd, who have been supplying consumables to the Automotive , Engineering and Marine industries since 1991.